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    Company Profile

    Shanghai Industrial Trading Co., Ltd(SIT), approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government and set up on 1st June, 1993, is a comprehensive independent economic Entity registered in the Shanghai Pudong New Area. It enjoys concessions provided by the special policies of both the Pudong New Area and the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone .

    SIT is directly under Economic Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government. It has close long standing relationship with industries in Shanghai and has many strong business networks internationally.
    SIT sincerely welcomes our friends from home and abroad to contact us to explore and discuss cooperate opportunities!

    Shanghai Industrial Trade Co., Ltd (SIT) is an imports and exports trading company with a history of 13 years on the Bund!

    Talk to us. We may be able to help you in entering the vast and exciting China market. Alternatively, for Chinese enterprises, we can help you to venture and established overseas!

    Consolidate and Strengthen Existing Operation,Expand and Develop New Businesses,
    Multi-prongs Developments, Enhance Company Comprehensive Competitive Capabilities.

    Contact Us

    Shanghai Industrial Trading Co., Ltd
    Tel: (86) 21-61478559
    Fax: (86) 21-61478553
    Email: Enquiry@sitrade.com.cn  
    Add:shanghaishi zhongshanbeilu 1759hao 2204