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  • 簡體|English
    培訓 / Training
    業務服務 / Business
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    2010 Traning Schedule
    No. Date   Content
    1 17-Oct-10 Arrival Pick up from the Shanghai Pudong Airport
    Sunday    Check in the Hotel 
        Free day
        Welcome Meeting
    2 18-Oct-10   Moving to EXPO Shanghai
    Monday   Back to Hotel
    3 19-Oct-10   Depart to Jiaotong University Xuhui Campus 
    Tuesday   Open address
      Lecture China Econmic and Culture 
      Lecture China Economic Transforation and World Trade 
        Free time
    4 20-Oct-10   Depart to Shanghai Jiaotong University Science Park 
    Wednesday Lecture Science and Technology Innovation and Incubator 
      Lunch Meeting with Economic Commission Leader 
      Visit Shanghai City Planning Museum
        Watch Shanghai Circus
        Back to Hotel
    5 21-Oct-10   Depart to Shanghai Jiaotong University Minhang Campus
    Thursday Lecture China Energy Development and Status 
        Moving to Shanghai Lingang Industry Park
      Visit Shanghai Wind Electric Company and Shanghai Electric Motor Factory
      Visit  Shanghai Yangshan Seaport
        The Bund
    6 22-Oct-10   Depart to Pudong New Area 
    Friday Lecture Shanghai Financial Center and China Financial Outline by Prof.Chao Kejian
      Visit Shanghai Stock Exchange 
      Visit  Shanghai World Financial Center View Shanghai in the Sky
        Moving to Shanghai North Industry Park
      Presentation Introduction Brazil and business and 2 Chinese business case introduction
      Discussing Cooperate Project Exchange with Chinese business partner
      Party With Brazil and Chinese Business Partner 
        Back to Hotel
    7 23-Oct-10   Depart
    Saturday Lecture Lecture by Brazil Executives in Hotel
      Sightseeing Go to Xujiahui Commercial Area
        Back to Hotel
    8 24-Oct-10   Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
    Sunday   Free
        Back to Hotel
    9 25-Oct-10   Summing-up Meeting
    Monday Depart By vehicle to Airport